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Top 10 celebrities that rocked those holiday outfits

December 09, 2015

1. If you’re seeking to get that “femme fatale” vibe these holidays - keep an eye on Kendall Jenner. Translucent pencil skirt, bardot top and lace carnival mask together look intriguingly enough to stay mysterious and revealing enough to be hot.


2. Fergie doesn’t always hit the right look – but when she does it’s absolutely flawless. That half-mermaid emerald green dress  from Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was definitely distracting audience from her original hosting skills.


3. Ri-Ri never looks like anybody else, which makes it even more exciting to implement her unique style. That glam sparkle instantly turns her trademark crop-top and casual boyfriends into a fancy night outfit. Along with shiny block hills and  trendy clutch miss Fenty is again undeniable fashion icon of any holiday season.


4. You think Santa broke down and decided to party his troubles away? Nope.
That’s inimitable Miley Cyrus, who came in like a disco ball to drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Enormous fur coat, gold sequin pants and equally sparkle crop-top – might sound pretty bazaar (avoiding the word “crazy” :) But guess what? Miley pulls it out like a total masterpiece.


5. Sometimes you don’t need glitter to look like a Christmas candy. Taylor Swift’s bold striped dress with sheer sleeves really makes her look pop up just in the way all her songs do – simple, yet undeniable.


6. Looks like Gatsby-mania will never become old news. Blacke Lively fills the room with an elegant sensation of fabulous 40’s fashion. Perfectly waved hair and classy lipstick – mandatory attributes for a marvelous vintage look.


7. Hollywood’s sweetheart definitely does not look that innocent rocking such an extreme cleavage! A glittery body chain is clearly all that’s needed on Jennifer Aniston’s plunging neckline to make that shimmery gold gown simply irresistible. I mean, come on, Rachel Greene went for it! Can it be any more fashion-approved?


8. It’s now been almost ten years since iconic “Devil wears Prada” came out and that’s for how long I feel like Anne Hathaway’s name is a direct synonym for Couture. Background aside, graceful Oscar-winner looked like she’s got some 50’s holiday groove going on, wearing that black tulle dress with an embroidered corset.


9. It gets quite chilly over Christmas so to keep yourself warm and comfy you might as well throw some kind of exquisite cape on your fancy gown. Just like Katy Perry did. The whole combination of shiny red halter dress and a patterned vinous carpet cape (that actually looked like a carpet :) may seem a bit overdramatic for night out, but, hey, it’s never too intense for New Year’s sparkling luxury.


10. Don’t have time, energy or ideas to generate a complicated holiday look? Not a problem. The most famous on-screen doctor pulls off fancy dressed as awesome as scrubs. Memorize key tips from Ellen Pompeo, all you need is: sparkly golden sequins, plain black tights and a charming smile on. If you’ve got those, your hair can as well be in a casual bun – no one will even notice :)