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Top 11 simple DIY's to turn your Christmas into a fairy-tale

December 22, 2015

1. What can possibly be a better decoration than the one you just picked up in the park? Don’t be afraid to get carried away – as long as it’s Christmas tree season it’s always a cone season as well. All genius is simple, so get everybody together and make it a fun family activity – that way you’re not only getting a nice dressed-up house, but also some precious time with your loved ones.


2. If we’d live in the cartoon, you could just borrow some yarn balls from your thrifty cat, but, unfortunately, it’s real world outside (and cats can be mean), so you’ll probably have to stop by the store. For what it’s worth, you’re not going to regret the purchase. This wreath looks like a perfect design decision.


3. This quote by the most adorable snowman Olaf from legendary “Frozen” made millions of people cry their eyes out in the middle of movie theaters. A glass ornament ball, some sugar, glittery paint and play-dough will help you to make one constant reminder for how overpowering your love for some people is.


4. If you’ve got somebody adorable running around Christmas tree with their tiny chubby feet – there’s the way you can as well get a lovely art work out of it. Your kid will definitely enjoy everything that involves getting dirty and splashing stuff and you will end up with a heartwarming jewel to keep for ages. Plus it’s going to really stand out and look extremely unique between your other decorations.


5. Just about another gorgeous decoration you can pick up in your backyard. CheckonBuy stylists prove that when it comes to winter holidays silver is always a top choice. All you need is glitter, mixed with glitter and sprinkled with… guess what? Yep,glitter! Add some epsom salt for structure and you're done! Who’s in the fairy tale now, Elsa?



6. If you’re allergic to fir-needles, but feel like artificial Christmas trees are not quite atmospheric enough – this one will definitely set the right mood and bring up a smile every time you look at it. Go through the old photo albums and pick the ones you remember feeling the happiest at, combine them with sparkly decorations and get your very personal kind of Christmas Joy!:)


7. You’ve already decorated your Christmas tree, but there’s still a ton of shiny leftovers? Or you’ve been too lazy to put them on in the first place? Imagine you’re Carrie Bradshow. Or Miranda Priestly. Or anybody else who can turn a number of random items into a complete perFashion. Then get an old frame, carton, markers, glitter(!), few colorful ornaments and, most importantly, don’t forget to get creative:) Voilà!



8. Christmas is all about our comfort zone, so there’s always that tiny bit of disappointment when we have to leave it. That’s what happens if you have a regular door. But if you have a cheery one with its own outgoing personality – it’ll always make you feel right for wherever it is you’re heading:)


9. Hey, there’s finally a way you can get something decent out of all the wine drinking and prove your relatives wrong! So it may be a good idea to save a few bottles from tonight ;) Later on you can just put some lights in and discover an awesome decoration. If you’re wondering where the power comes from – you can either make a hole on the back of the bottle or find the kind that works without it. Dress it up with some glue, glitter and paper snowflakes and never tell anybody where all those bottles come from;)


10. Following the bottle idea – now that you traded drinking for art, you may as well have some glasses left (assuming that you used them:). So to hide the traces of the crime and make them completely reusable – just invert the glasses and draw chubby snowman faces on. Perfect candle holders. No one will ever now ;)


11. And last, but not least – never underestimate the decorations that are just lying around your house.