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Top 7 gorgeous makeup ideas to greet New Year!

December 28, 2015

1. Sparkle it up! New Year’s probably topping the list of occasions when a rule “The sparklier the better” applies the most. Put on glittery gold shadow and use a lipstick that contrasts it in the most distinct way. The darkest shades of all deep colors are these seasons’ #musthave to pull off a killer look.


2. Rock those colors! Don’t be afraid to get obsessed with saturation, bright and vivid are the key navigators to make your eyes really stand out in a fancy makeup. Although if you did pick a radiant eye shadow, make sure your lips look nude and quite to put right accents.


3. Lash on! You don’t necessarily have to betray your everyday makeup routine to get a festive look- just do a really good job emphasizing the eyelashes or use extensions to make them even more intense. This works great if your visage skills are far from perfect, but you still want your look to be unresistable.


4. All in for classics! This one has zero dependence on what you’re wearing and works just equally awesome with deep cleavage gowns and casual cute sweaters. Pay extra attention lining your crease with a darker shadow tone and using liquid eyeliner.


5. Knock them out! Dark can be fancy. Dark can be hot. If you feel like burgundy, marsala or even plain black – go for it! Just make sure you take a color test and use essential brushes before applying those rocking shades. Skip the glossy finish, you’ll feel much more confident in a total matte during the party.


6. Bring in the Hollywood vibe! Embody your true potential and portrait a legendary combination of rich gold and classic red. Focus on your brushstroke for eyeliner to look perfect and sharp the inner corner lines to make your eyes look even bigger. Using a primer is nonnegotiable if you want your gorgeous makeup to stay through the whole night.


7. Take smokey eyes to a new level! Cover your lids with golden glitter on top of an intense shadow to sparkle up the look! Use eye pencil as a base and apply the black shadow backwards - starting from the brow bone to end up with flawless smokey eyes!