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3 main myths about Black Friday we all thought were true

November 27, 2015

Do you hear that? It’s a little too early for jingle bells, but I can definitely recognize shopping carts clinking:)

Happy Black Friday to the passionate shoppers all over the world! That’s the only day you’ve got an official excuse for going all-in and revealing your obsession. 
To dial down the concentration of ridiculous rumors circling around this day and dial up the quality of your purchases, here are 3 main myths about Black Friday we all thought were true: 

1. Black Friday is happening just on Friday
Although both advertising and media campaigns are centered on this specific day, in reality it’s somewhat twisted. Lots of stores, companies and brands don’t like to lose their precious time waiting, so they start most of sales on Thanksgiving. People even came up with a name for it – “Gray Thursday”, which can actually become a serious threat to the original. But even if you missed both, practice sprint typing and express clicking, as there’s still “Cyber Monday” to look forward to. This one is all about online-shopping, so you can battle over best deals on your comfy couch, surrounded by fluffy cousins. 


2. Shopping at that time is extremely dangerous 
Well, sure it depends on the store you choose and the city you live in, but even if those are the hottest shopping locations, the odds of an accident are still very low. Yes, we all saw those disturbing videos of people crowding each other at the stores, but that’s just the comparatively rare footage, multiple times used by the media, because people need something shocking to watch. Polls actually show that Black Friday’s are much safer than annual Christmas shopping. 


3. You absolutely cannot shop alone 
Busted! You not only “can”, but you probably “should” shop by yourself during Black Friday sales. That way you won’t be distracted by other people’s choices and will only concentrate on your own ones. You may think that rule doesn’t concern cloth shopping? It totally does. Time is exceptionally valuable, so you can’t let yourself hesitate for too long. CheckonBuy fashion experts can define a perfect look just in 25 seconds, so, to start off, they recommend to keep a vivid image of what you want in mind, concentrate and know the rest of your wardrobe well enough to immediately see what it will go with. 

Remember our advices, keep yourself rested, hydrated as well as super excited and have the best Black Friday marathon possible!