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5 things that are absolutely restricted if you’re still holding out hope to look gorgeous

November 11, 2015

The endless flow of desperate shopping failures made me think that somewhere out there should be some kind of magical secrets, key rules or special advises that would prevent us from turning our styling management into a disaster. But, apparently, even if they really do exist – they are not revealed. So I decided to come up with a number of my own little steps that, coming from personal experience, would lead your shopping to a successful outcome. But just another “to do" list didn’t really sound convenient enough, that’s why here are 5 things that are absolutely restricted if you’re still holding out hope to look gorgeous without cramping your own style

1. Do not overthink. 
It never takes more than 30 seconds for professional stylist to decide whether to get an item or not. 
So if you find yourself stuck for hours in front of mirror – that’s probably just not the best choice and definitely not something to torture your brain over. 

2. Never let relationships get in the way of shopping process. 
Your mum thinks that turtle necks never get out of style, your grandma’s sure you will froze to death without that furry hat on and your boyfriend doesn’t want to see any rivals lining up for you in that tight dress. We obviously care about those people too much to make them responsible for our style. Take it from me – the best shopping buddy is the one who can differ “bohemian” from “exotic” and “tomboy” from “rocker”

3. Do not use social networks to decide on buying something. 
You may not be Lady Gaga, but there still are dozens of people checking out your profile every day and you probably don’t want to become famous because of that “chincy” top that was “tots not cool”. This is the case you want to stay safe and anonymous about. 

4. Keep away from the risks. 
The facts that you’re in hurry, frustrated or just want to get something to eat ASAP are not reasonable excuses for buying wrong items. In fact, such ones do not exist. If you take it seriously right now, there won’t be a bale of new cloth waiting to get to the nearest “Good Will” in your wardrobe. 

5. Don’t hide from critique. 
Sometimes it’s the matter of ten “no” to figure out what “yes” is and make your life easier forever.