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Meet your first personal stylist

November 22, 2015

There are 86 400 seconds in a day and we always feel catastrophically short on time.
Even while being super-productive what are some things, you will say, a person can manage to do in 25 seconds?
Greedily finish a bagel? Count the front porch steps? Convince your girlfriend she’s not fat? (No way, that one would take hours!) You can’t even check your Facebook feed in that amount of time and I’m not even talking about Instagram.

But what if I’ll tell you that there are people who can use that half of a minute to make your outfit look perfect? Wrong again, that’s not the Fairy Godmother. (Although probably involves some glamorous kind of magic:) Those superheroes are our qualified fashion experts and together we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the unique styling service that will put aside all your shopping dilemmas forever!

CheckonBuy for IOS, Android and Windows Phone – an app that completely changes the layout of your regular shopping process.
For a long  time we’ve been  hearing a lot of complaints from people, who had troubles figuring out the worthy look during limited shopping time or had nobody around to assist. That hot issue inspired us to create CheckonBuy and finally solve it for good.

CheckonBuy makes it possible for your look to be rated by qualified fashion experts all over the world.
All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, wearing piece of cloth you’re unsettled on getting and press a button on your device. Within only 25 seconds you will receive a completed handy answer on whether to buy an item or not. The final inference will give you the total percentage of approving votes and is based on competent opinion of professional fashion experts who do their best to make your outfit look perfect.

See, pure magic for those, who want to look “fly on a dime”, because it’s now possible to have a personal stylist without paying gigantic bills. And we are highly convinced everybody should be able to have one.

We payed exclusive attention building the team of stylists, since their thorough job is the key link to your successful look. All of them are high-qualified people with the perfect sense of style and complete knowledge of current trends. They sound like some serious threat to wrong choices, don’t they?
Now that we figured out how long is actually 25 seconds and what is the job our stylists have to face in that amount of time, the only question left is: Is that at all possible?
We have no doubts to be absolutely positive it is!
And if you’re one of those who is skeptical about magic we are pretty serious about proving it exists;)