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The mystery of “our” colors – Law of attraction

November 23, 2015

Remember one of those days you gave up Saturday night fun to finally get a long precious sleep you needed so badly? Oh yeah, good times. Well then somehow the next day your friends kept asking why you look so tired and worrying about your health, although they were the ones that did spend the whole night out partying. At some point the whole situation becomes so confusing you really start questioning your wellness.
But the answer is right.. on top. Do you remember what color you’ve been wearing that day?
See, there’s a whole section of science that studies the way colors influence our general looks, so getting into it may actually become shockingly helpful and, moreover, change the way you see yourself forever.

Mother Nature, apparently, is a gifted colorist, because she created an absolute harmony between the tones of our hair, skin and eyes when we were born. So, let’s say, if you have a dark, saturated hair you will almost definitely have a warm skin tone and the other way around. Bur, sure, it can’t be that easy. When it comes to cloth it’s now your job to find a perfect color balance to look fresh, young and beautiful.

The so-called “Law of Attraction” is the first thing they teach you at any Fashion School and it basically means that some colors do make you look better than othersWe are naturally more receptive to particular color tones and identifying your own one may really be the key step to finding your ideal style.

To simplify the process and make it more convenient to other people, fashion experts came up with a fast way to deal with shades. (Mother Nature is, again, the best help:)
They divided all the colors and tones into four categories, depending on their intensity and compared them to the seasons of a year.
I really hope you remember those, but just in case going to remind you that it leaves us with spring, summer, fall and winter. (You already have some vivid color associations, don’t you?:)
Now all we have to do is tie ourselves up with one of the above, relying on our hair and eyes:

Yep, it’s that simple:)
So now when we know under the aegis of what season we all are, it’s time to finally talk about cloth.
These boxes below describe the main “tools” that are typical for each season color. Depending on your natural accordance with a specific season, those tips will help you to express its’ energy and, as result, look young, proper and harmonious.

If you will take a better look into it and actually make some conclusions, the results won’t keep you waiting and pretty soon it will take you just a few seconds to do a “color math” while shopping or combining cloth.

Fashion experts here, at CheckonBuy admit that it’s the basic aspect they automatically detect, during the first moments of their short evaluation time.
To find out more of our unique fashion tips follow the next blogs and, maybe, our stylists won’t kill me for tipping off their secrets:)