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One of the most embarrassing nights ever

October 27, 2015

I've never been one of those people, who plan out shopping trips, look up the hottest trends or find out about sales months beforehand. Shopping was always more of a duty than fun for me, so each time out there I just tried getting enough stuff to manage wearing it through the whole year. ‘Cause you know, when you're in full responsibility for two wonderful, but constantly overexcited kids, you don't get much time or energy left for updating your own looks.

I've been raising sons on my own since the time they were those two tiny yelling toddlers and that's the accurate time my wardrobe started shrinking. Once in a while I would just ran through some stores and literally shovel the most indispensable stuff from the shelves, trying to avoid my kids chewing on another pair of ridiculously overpriced shoes. I just got used to the fact that my appearance is all the way down in the list of priorities.

But one day I met Her. It was like a classic mid-fifties movie. I was grabbing a paper at the stand and she accidentally (or not?:) reached for the same one. We felt an immediate connection and exchanged phone numbers within ten minutes. So we both agreed that I will call. And I did, next day, asking her out. We were supposed to meet in this exquisite French place and when I hang up I suddenly realized that the fancy section of my wardrobe simply does not exist.

So I went shopping, which, to start off, even sounded quite strange to my own self. Boys were still at school so I had a little more than an hour before leaving to pick them up and the date was an hour later. An inner voice convinced me that classic never goes out of style, so I made up my mind on a fine elegant suit. Here’s the thing - if you will ever go suit shopping alone – rethink the idea, because the choice is way too wide not to get lost their alone, trust me. I tried on a number of suits, still not having a clue about which one to get. At some point I felt really desperate for some help, so I reached for my phone to take a picture and ask for somebody’s advice. But turned out there’s nobody who could really give one. My friends were obviously not into it, I haven’t got any siblings and my parents just learned how to send text messages few months ago. I was so lost and frustrated that hadn't realized it was time to pick up kids until their teacher called. So I left with nothing.

Wow, you should have seen the look on her face when she showed up in that gorgeous red dress and saw me standing there in those 90’s pair of jeans and well-worn blue shirt. For a second I thought it was all already over. I’m so lucky she ended up being simply amazing and turned the whole thing into joke.
Next time we went shopping together and got some good stuff, but hey, it was really one of the most embarrassing nights in my entire life.