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They made me shop: dad's edition

October 18, 2015

Last afternoon I was rewatching one of my all-time favorite Jim Carrey movies called “Yes Man” when my dad asked if I had any stuff to get in the mall. Obviously, I paused the movie that very moment and was by the door within the same amount of time. (Hey! Don’t judge me – I’m just an average girl).

Anyway, for the first couple of stores my dad somehow managed to stay pretty enthusiastic, instantly approving all of my choices, but after the lapse of a few more hours and a few more dressing rooms he kept banning pretty much everything I even looked at, claiming that it’s either too expensive or too inappropriate. And then it hit me! Apparently, when it comes to shopping, all the dads also relatively divide into “Yes men” and “No men”. I know it might sound really weird, but follow my thoughts and you’ll definitely agree!

So, let’s start with the “Yes men”. Those kind of dads are always agreeing with your choice, doesn’t matter if it’s a clutch purse or a winter coat – they’ll say it looks perfect on you (as long as you keep them away from the lingerie section) and will keep holding to this strategy until you’re all done in a decent amount of time and they don’t have to end up like these guys:

“Yes men” will never question your sense of style or stop you from buying something that you really want to, but they also won’t be a great help when it comes to fashion advices, brand comparison and, let’s face it – mirror looks.

“No men”, on the other hand, are much tougher. They see themselves as some kind of star rangers, who can’t fail a mission, if they’ve already accepted it and usually take full responsibility during your shopping trips.
It takes eternity to make that kind of dads approve your choice, if that’s at all possible. They instantly switch on a protective mode and all you can hear is that your potential purchase is not warm/long/loose/appropriate enough for your age (and it doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 25). In most cases that process gets too stressful for both of you, so you come back home with nothing. But your loving dad can’t leave your wardrobe without an acquisition, so he decides to get all creative and sometimes it turns out in something more like this:

Well, at least that’s a nice excuse to why you don’t have a boyfriend yet :)

So have you identified your father in any of those? I bet you did. I also bet there’s no definite answer to how to make that kind of shopping work. Maybe it’s just not meant to be? I mean, we appreciate out dads’ help in tons of other stuff.  But sometimes they do compose some to-kill looks. Remember that time your dad mixed up pajama day and picture day at school? ;) Oh the good times.