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Why women always have nothing to wear?

October 18, 2015

You know that classic punchline about how women always have nothing to wear though their wardrobe is exploding with cloth? Sure you do. That’s why they call it “classic”. People usually feel pretty skeptic about this issue, but, believe it or not, right now it’s literally one of my top-list problems.

See, it’s not like I’m a crazy spender, shopaholic or another Kardashian sister, that’s been hidden from public. I’m an average woman with an average lifestyle, well, at least I identify myself as one. The thing is, that being a lawyer, I barely have any time for shopping and even when I do it looks like a countdown to the volcano eruption – total rush and chaos.
Because of all that next time I’m standing in front of my wardrobe I find myself surrounded by bales of cloth that are wrong styles, wrong sizes, wrong fabrics and are just overall wrong for me. Sometimes it gets pretty embarrassing.

Last Saturday me and my boyfriend celebrated our third anniversary. We had the reservation at the most beautiful Italian restaurant and a long beautiful walk down the beach. That was truly a special occasion for our relationship, so few days before I’d made up my mind on buying some new fancy lingerie to surprise that special someone. The only way I could possibly make that sudden shopping happen was to give up my Friday lunch-break, so in the afternoon I rushed to the mall, still catastrophically short on time. After trying on a few options I narrowed my choice to two exclusive sets. I felt like I could really use some help, because deciding between those was one of the hardest decisions I’d ever made. But as long as it was supposed to be a surprise, I couldn't find out my boyfriends opinion and I felt a bit uncomfortable sending such an exposed mirror looks to my friends. So I just randomly picked the first one, which happened to be a lace purple set. I'm not going too far into the details, but let's just say that at some point next day I hadn't only understood that my bra was too big, but also realized that the pieces I picked out were two absolutely different shades of purple. It was a disaster.

After that I promised myself to get rid of all the cloth that I don't wear and only buy new stuff if I'm absolutely positive about my choice and have somebody else approve it. Truthfully, now I'm not sure if I'll ever going to shop again at all, because those circumstances sound pretty fictional. So all I've got by now is to think about it, standing in front off the huge bales of wrong cloth. Why do women have always nothing to wear?