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Top celebrity body hang-ups you never knew

Scarlett Johanson: legs
Scarlett always felt unsecure  about her legs in a cruel Hollywood world. Actress considers them noticeably shorter and bigger, comparing to her celebrity girlfriends. However, time and experience helped to put that problem into perspective and focus on acting skills instead.

Cameron Diaz: small breasts
Future sex-symbol has been worrying about breasts size since her teen years. Although she never publically made a big deal out of it, talking with her signature irony. Her career made everybody realize that beside the obvious kind of sexiness embodied in miniskirts and push-up bras there is inner sexiness that has to do with being comfortable with oneself. Cameron made it into 4th place on the Maxim list of Hot 100 Women two years ago, and it was not for her breasts, which are all but nonexistent.

Victoria Beckham: smile
It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham doesn’t smile in public. Like, ever. In fact, if you see a photo of the former Spice Girl and fashion designer, she’s inevitably in sky-high heels with a slight scowl on her face. But the real reason behind hiding her teeth and emotions is that Vicki simply doesn’t like her smile. Style icon is sure it looks like a grin and tries to avoid smiling as often as possible. Although we don’t feel the same way, must admit, it’s kind of relief to realize she’s not the pretentious soul-less queen some may hastily call her.

Nicole Kidman: lack of feminine curves
Australian actress is known for her long skinny legs and narrow waist, but, apparently at some point she was ready to give all that up just to gain some feminine curves. She often adds extra texture and layers to her outfits to transform that rectangle body shape.

Kate Upton: extra-large breasts
Upton’s comments about her breasts are a bit surprising, as many believe her large cleavage helped make her famous. Actress admitted her big boobs have some benefits, but she told The Sun that she sometimes wished she could remove them like with clip-on jewerly. The reason is quite obvious: her curvy figure is preventing Kate from getting high-fashion modeling jobs. And Upton has had no qualms about saying she wants to transition from a swimsuit shoots to high-end campaigns. Actress herself is sure that Cameron Diaz has the body any girl can dream about.

Well, the only words of wisdom CheckonBuy has to offer to those gorgeous ladies are to appreciate what they have now, before it turns into what they had.