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Fashion records: top most questionable Olympic uniforms in history

August 18, 2016

New Zealand, 2008 

Black will always remain the new black. You know what we mean. People, who were designing their uniform that year went for good old simple elegance and made a right choice - New Zealand team hit the best combo of C's : classy, calm and confident. Until you glazed down and noticed the footwear. Bam! Now you just see people, who are walking home from their practice. So happy it's over they just can't stop waving. 

China, 1992

Okay, it takes all of our guts here at CheckonBuy, but we are not talking about a signboard girl in a snow globe. We'll just let Spain have it. It's tough, but try to concentrate on Chinese sportsmen. Doesn't this remind you of "Back to future" and the idea of futuristic clothing portrayed in it? Good thing there's no way we can time travel to that trend. Or a signboard girl in a snow globe whatsoever. 

Australia, 1992


Don't scroll up - we are still talking about Olympics, not about an overexcited Indiana Jones fanbase. Apparently, designer of this masterpiece took the phrase "Summer Olympics" way too literally, making sure his clothes will work just great for safaris and sightseeing. Either that or he needed some rest. In the end of the day these guys were just having a blast. (But damn those socks are an eye-catcher)

CIS (former USSR), 1992

1992 is definitely shaping out to become one of our favorite years. Choosing to think these young men just had a load of self-irony, because if that's not the case we won't help but assume they are all pure evil. Relying our mature conclusion on Hollywood movies, clearly. At least now you know how stereotypes are born. Or maybe "Twin Peaks" is just such a huge deal over there?

Norway, 2014 

The word you're looking for is "anyway". Let's try to put ourselves in designers shoes for a minute - what was the aim, the idea, the secret message this motley explosion is trying to send us? We're guessing it's either a peculiar attempt to hypnotize the audience or a weird decision to turn their sportsmen into a blurry bright spot while they are moving. Pick whatever you like most. But it ain't looking healthy. 

Bermuda, 2010 

The world of "Gossip Girl" exists and evidently it's located in Bermuda. Well played, you guys. But there's only one queen ...erm... team in this town and unfortunately that's not you.