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Instant age test: Do you remember these fashion items?

August 02, 2016

Mood ring
If not for this thing you wouldn’t have discovered that when you’re in good mood it turns green. And if you’re in a bad mood it leaves a big red mark on somebody’s forehead.

“Yin - yang” and “peace” collars

Smells like the only Nirvana song you know. Although unavoidable chockers did brought these guys back along last season. Our fashion experts at CheckonBuy even know hot to mix up a great look with some of them.

Body jewels

Thanks to this trend and Gwen Stefani’s exceptional love for it we successfully passed through the decade without becoming a “Hollaback girl” whatever it did mean.

Plastic watch

Time had never yet been so corny. Remember when checking it was your signature move? And the actual number just couldn’t bother you less.

Candy bracelets

Because by “sweet tooth” we mean “teeth”.  All of them.  And there’s nothing more precious than combining your two biggest passions – fashion and food.

Belly button piercing

You had to work out for months and learn how to bend down without actually bending. But Britney nailed and she was the ultimate definition of fabulous. Overall “I’m not. That. Innocent” either.

Plastic rings

Somehow the cheap jewelry obsession spread uncontrollably fast. We could always pretend those were huge diamonds , but in reality that colorful ridiculousness reminded of bottle openers way more.

Anything tattoo-looking

There’s no point to ramble on about chockers – you probably felt like Queen of the world when you finally found some fashion artifacts in your old drawer. Although anything that looked like it would never come off your body used to evaluate your level of style.

Butterfly hairpins

Advanced level of styling, right after the glitter stage. The bigger Botanical Garden on your head – the better. Fortunately that fashion concept didn’t evolve to Jurassic Park.