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Top 5 hottest makeup trends for upcoming fall

August 30, 2016

1. Matte lipstick

While summer was all about adding as much fresh, shiny colors your system could possibly digest, this season simply doesn't fall for it (I had to!:) Anyways, it's time for your inner dark shadows to wake up and give the world the amount of drama it's craving! And there's never better tool than matte lips to achieve that.

2. “Twiggy” lashes

Huge structured lashes are taking over the spotlight from natural, carefully divided ones we were all obsessing about during summer. The ultimate example of such peculiar trend is Twiggy – British model and fashion icon from swinging sixties. Lashes arranged in the way that gives your eyes a doll look, just like they rocked it fifty years ago is one of the hottest trends for Dior and Nina Ricci new line.

3. Glitter

“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten”. Well, a whole trail is definitely a bit exaggerating, but a little sparkle is what you're looking for this fall. Quite risky, yet really effective way to make your eyes pop is adding some glitter under your eyebrows, inner corner of an eye or directly on the lid. This idea was pushed by some influential fashion names like Burberry, Fausto Puglisi and Giambattista Valli. To be fair, we have no reasons not to trust them!

4. Unusual eyeliner

Unfortunately for some of us who spent years learning to make a perfectly winged cat eye, this fall asks for more that that. Let out the fantasy and turn your eyes into an art platform – double lines, triangle shapes, basically any unusual form you can imagine them in – go for it! Takes some courage for sure, but hey, it's a legit trend that's going viral! Try experimenting for a party first, there's no way you are staying unnoticed! By the way, the original idea was brought up by Kenzo andOscar de la Renta. Thanks guys! The whole CheckonBuy team loves it!

5. Silver

Futuristic robot theme has been on for a few seasons now and it doesn't look like it's leaving. Anything that's silver, shiny and reminds you of a galaxy far far away undoubtedly talks fashion this fall. Go all the way and apply it instead of eyeshadow, lip gloss or even a highlighter. Cold shades never looked so h