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Top most iconic dresses from famous movies

August 22, 2016

Green  dress from “Atonement”

Movie release: 2007
Actress: Keira Knightley
Fun fact: For a gown to look like a complete masterpiece and reflect different light from each angle designer made a few versions of it in different shades of green

This dress was officially claimed the greatest in history of cinematography. Though Jacqueline Durran, who was the costume designer for “Atonement” had to face quite a few deal breakers before reaching such a huge success.  In the end of the day this gorgeous gown turned out to be the iconic example of 20’s dress we’ve all been looking up to.

Bustier from “Maid in Manhattan”

Movie release: 2002
Actress: Jennifer Lopez
Fun fact: Originally costume designer’s main idea was to plan out a dress in a way to emphasize signature curves of JLo.

Showing off cleavage in a sexy, yet modest way is possible, thanks to this kind of dresses. Multiple polls all over the world have shown that an outfit which reveals women’s collar bones and shoulders automatically becomes the main eye magnet in a room.  Albert Wolsky, who designed the dress never regretted his fashion choice. Neither did we at CheckonBuy and millions of other thankful viewers all around the globe.

Carrie’s wedding dress from “Sex and the city”

Movie release: 2008
Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker
Fun fact: This and any similar style of wedding gowns has been completely sold out in all Vivienne Westwood boutiques just few days after the movie had been released.

Although this dress didn’t exactly get Carrie to her “happily ever after” married life, hardcore fans and random fashionistas became crazy over the concept of such wedding gown. After the original one had sold out, brides to be put themselves in a yearlong line just to look like Ms. Bradhsaw at the altar. Other fans, who simply didn’t  have over  11 000 bucks to spend on such a luxury started to make uncountable number of copies and replicas, which, by the way, still remain one of the top choices in online stores.

Red gown from “Pretty woman”

Movie release: 1990
Actress: Julia Roberts
Fun fact: The dress was originally supposed to be black, but costume designer insisted on scarlet version instead.

Hard to imagine this legendary dress looking any different from the one we are now obsessed with. Nobody knows what impact this could actually have on modern fashion history. Nobody also knows that Marilyn Vance, who created the gown, fought for it, defending color choice. To prove her point Marilyn had to make three different versions of the dress and a huge amount of test color samples to finally convince the director. Now we can officially call her a hero.