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Top worst trends of early 2000’s that you blocked out of you memory

August 09, 2016

Babydoll top + mini shorts

You could be carrying a whole lot of holiday weight, being six months pregnant or simply shoplifting melons. In that top even the most mesmerizing forms would just turn into a big bright parachute, so no need to worry. Hey, remember those times when women had waists?

Baggy cocktail dress

If ridiculous trends would be superheroes, this one would totally work in duo with previous. Save the world from beautiful silhouettes and feminine curves or die. And we must admit – they did a pretty awesome job.

Short leggings + whatever

Unless your legs are 5 feet high and rising, hide them as far as possible from anything of such length. Especially bizarre leggings made of unidentified fabrics in unknown color. Ironically, in the early 2000’s these were considered a perfect addition to above-mentioned baggy dress.

Frilled satin dresses

They say that woman should always remain a mystery.  Evidently, a person who made this fashion burp took the saying way too literally. Jessica Simpson here looks like an alien creature with quite a few problems concerning her body shape.

Psychedelic princess dress

Best recommended with overwhelming amount of fake tan. Our professional stylists here at CheckonBuy are usually great with their vocabulary, but this extreme case just made them forget every single word except “creepy”. (Well, not exactly every single one, but we appreciate our minor audience whatsoever)

“Leather” leggings

Ah, good old fakes back again. Somehow wearing an actual leather version of these wasn’t considered anything around cool, instead owning a sticky suffocating parody seriously lifted up your level of fabulousness. The only good (if you will) that can come out of these is punishing your biggest enemy under scorching summer heat.

Gigantic belts

It’s almost like nothing smaller could possibly accentuate your waist. I feel like sometimes the size of such belts was a real problem for some girls due to the fact that the actual clothing item was smaller than the accessory itself. And no, we are not going to talk about the footwear on this photo. Too much for one day.
“Pocahontas” boots

This glam version of boho-chic is still alive in our memories. Although I have some serious doubts there’s any existing fashion field you’d be able to conquer with those on.