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Nailed it! Top manicure designs for #itgirl in 2017

December 26, 2016


Nude polish as an artistic background for symmetrical and asymmetrical ornaments or just about anything geometrical that inspires you – perfect combination of classically chic and rebelliously edgy.
No fashion restrictions, no occasion limits. Own this masterpiece like you were born with it.

Hello from the easy side

Heave a sigh of relief – your nail artist won’t have to challenge their professional skills and you won’t have to challenge your patience, waiting for another outlined masterpiece. Triumphal comeback is finally here for stickers! Now the only thing that defines your future manicure is the level of artistic courage in your veins. Avant-Garde furry? Why not?!

Fair and square

Minimalism admirers, if you made it down to third position – here’s your incentive prize. Narrow and vivid, wide and splashy – simple lines are now considered the hottest fresh trend in nail design. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and you know it.
Whiter than white

If style was a color, we at CheckonBuy bet it would be a tasteful off-white. Elegant and pure – just like a clean new page to embrace how much you’ve already written through the other accents. Minimum color for maximum effect – designers regularly apply this trend to underline the bold details of their runaway looks.

Alternative ying&yang

Step one – covering your nail with one fabulous base color;

Step two – adding another contrast tone on top, making sure to leave space for a “moon” gap;

Step three – enjoying how unpredictable the beauty of opposites can be.