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Top 5 cutest manicure ideas for Saint Valentine’s Day

February 05, 2016

1. We’re not exactly biggest fans of the red/pink combination here at CheckonBuy, but, hey, who would dare to go against Saint Valentine’s classics? Here’s an iconic example: pink, red, white with hearts of different shapes and colors all over. Now that is some holiday spirit.


2. You probably know that our ring fingers are the only ones which have veins that connect directly to our hearts. And that’s why people put rings on them! Aww. We already got all romantic just looking at that meaningful design. Try it out if you’re hoping to get a special ring this Valentine’s Day. Or at least somebody’s heart. That’s always useful.


3. Love is… well, yes, a gum. But also – stickers! If you don’t have enough time to go to a salon or don’t have enough skills to pull off a whole design yourself – hold on before sinking into panic attacks. Nobody would be able to tell those cute things weren’t made from scratch, but you would know you saved yourself some time and nerves.


4. When it comes to true love, it’s nice to keep something old-fashioned. Like, let’s face it, love texts or love emails can never compete with actual hand-written love letters. With those you feel like there’s a piece of someone’s soul always with you. So deep, touching and heart-warming. If it can make you heart pump hard, why can’t it make your nails pop out?



5. Here's a tip for those of you, who are too shy to actually say three magic words out loud. Simple, stylish, beautiful and, come on, extremely adorable. I bet you’re not all that shy when it comes to kissing, but, if you are, that manicure is just a must-have.