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Top 6 essential items to meet and greet spring

February 15, 2016

1. Notebook.
Actually, make it a diary. And it doesn’t really matter you’re going to start writing from the third month of a year - what matters are the plans, goals and dreams you’ll fill the book with. It will help you to systemize your life and get away from the concept of total chaos. You’ll see that it’s much easier to perceive things if you see them written on paper. Set yourself specific goals in the beginning of the day and make sure to thoroughly examine accomplished every night. That whole process adds huge bold plus to productivity, self-development and even your writing skills, if you’ve ever thought about becoming one.


2. Vitamins
Winter has no mercy for our health – overall exhaustion usually comes as a double deal for three long, cold months. That’s when our body needs immediate reanimation. If you want your skin to glow beautifully under the first gentle sunrays, to enjoy long precious walks without annoying feeling of constant tiredness – never ignore some good old vitamins. Oh, and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to sleep well too.



3. Bicycle
I know it sounds pretty random. But think about this: fun picnic rides with your friends, romantic night cycling with someone special, panacea against morning traffic, no guiltiness for skipping gym days, defined calves, toned butt… Doesn’t sound so random now, does it?  



4. Perfume
Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring? I bet we all want to smell the same way. But if that involves living in a magic world, finding your very own fresh perfume and adding special tasty notes to all the blooming and blossoming around is something you totally can do. And you definitely should.


5. Hat
Okay, this one is completely practical. If we’re talking about moderate climate zones, March and first half of April are still cold enough to have something covering your head. On the other hand, it’s already too warm for your favorite winter trapper hat. The best answer here is to selflessly search local stores until you’ll find that perfect light beanie, a cute little beret or even a stylish floppy hat. I mean, when to experiment if not in spring?


6. Tickets
Train, concert, play, movie – whichever deals will pop up at your browser search, get the tickets and have some fun! Go to another city, take some days out of work and finally see you favorite band performing live, have some rest by the sea or explode from laughing at that new Rebel Wilson comedy. This spring should be full of colors, fun and unforgettable moments!