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Top worst & best makeups throughout the history of “Oscar”

February 22, 2016

Worst “Oscar” makeups:

1. Katherine Heigl

You know those times when you have to get ready for red carpet in a complete darkness? No? Well, apparently those circumstances are quite familiar to Katherine Heigl. At least it’s the only decent explanation we’ve got for this makeup story. In fact, they also probably ran out of mirrors, because no one ever would let so much blush and concealer ruin such a pretty face on purpose. Well, for what it’s worth we really hope so.


2. Scarlett Johanson 

Nope this is not Courtney Love still hungover after days of partying. Meet Scarlett Johanson, who decided to mix all the “best” in one bizarre look: prom girl hairstyle with red lips and pink eyeshadow that literally made her eyes look so irritated you reflexively want to put her to sleep.


3. Kirsten Dunst

This famous actress must’ve been running late for the show, because you can actually see what rush her makeup artist was in. Dealing with eyeshadow? Picking out the right lip color? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

4. Jennifer Lopez

JLo, on the other hand, had plenty of time! She got that contouring done back in the 90’s along with the shiny pink lipstick that created a perfect duo with nacreous green eyeshadow. Too bad they don’t held the ceremony at junior school dance.


5. Charlize Theron

We’re so used to Charlize’s flawless looks, that it’s hard to imagine anything could ever go wrong. Apparently though, everything was possible back in 2000’s. Yellow eyebrows and bronze skin – thanks God, actress did her best to make us forget that nonsense look.

Best “Oscar” makeups: ​

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

We at CheckonBuy had the strongest feeling she was shooting a luxury cosmetics ad right at the ceremony. This is how flawless looks: from perfect eyebrows to amazing berry lipstick.


2. Margot Robbie

The first time Margot appeared at the Academy Awards and she totally nailed it right away. Perfect skin, perfect lipstick tone, perfect eyebrows – perfect brought back of Golden Hollywood Era.

3. Cate Blanchett

When you know what you’re doing and plan a tender, fresh look – it actually turns out that way. Long curly lashes bring up the princess vibe and smooth skin looks like it’s just glowing from inside out. Bravo, Cate!


4. Charlize Theron

Hey, haven’t we already met today? Wait, no, this gorgeous lady doesn’t look a tad similar.  This fresh, simple, healthy look is everything Charlize has even been looking for. Way to go!


5. Penelope Cruz

Penelope was acing her makeup even during roaring nineties – black kajal liner, grey matte eyeshadow and nude lipstick. This combination is still winning twenty years later.