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5 items you probably own that are crimes against fashion this winter

January 04, 2016

1. Fur vests
First of all – there’s no way this useless  thing will ever keep you warm. Ever. Unless you’ll try to wear it on top of another coat – but that’s just a pure crime against fashion. Second of all, if you’re not a time-traveler, planning to go back to 2007, you should understand that fashion and fur vests are now antonyms in 2016. And finally - world trending just doesn’t justify fur in general any more. It's especially horrifying if a little innocent creature sacrificed itself for such a ridiculous cloth item.



2. «Cute hats»
- Come on, don’t be such a wimp, they’re cute!
Sure they are. For a seven year old. Or for a family play. Maybe for a snowball fight in your backyard.
But, trust me, if you’ve already graduated secondary school and are currently trying to present yourself as a grownup with appropriate fashion image – such hats are just like midnight snacks for you – consequences may be catastrophic.




3. Knitted fingerless gloves
Useful value of these little guys is also highly questionable – they don’t save your hands from freezing, so your fingers still end up getting numb, swollen and burning red. That’s when you start looking like a street seller back from eighteenth century, who, actually, created fingerless gloves to ease the process of counting coins. If you don’t see yourself in that picture – buy pretty, elegant and most importantly warm gloves or mittens and enjoy the pros of 21 century.



4. Hat, gloves and scarf set
Although such purchase may look really convenient, buying a whole set is actually a pure self-deception. If you already own one, chances are high that people outside either think that your mum is still in charge of your wardrobe or that you’re simply too lazy to mix and match. If none of those options sound tempting enough, make sure you pick these accessories individually and then combine them in one harmonious look.



5. Wedge sneakers
To be honest, here at CheckonBuy, we highly doubt that any sneakers would work for winter days, but if that's still a question of weather, occasion and your personal cold resistance, wearing wedge sneakers will instantly define your sense of style in abruptly negative way. You’re right, they used to be quite a hit, but, hey, “Call me maybe” did too! And even if we can justify you letting in some nostalgic memories while listening to Carly Rae Japson’s lifetime hit, there’s no way it’s happening regarding those shoes