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Beauty predictions for 2016: 5 hottest make-up styles

January 19, 2016

1. Rosy cheeks
2016 brings up bad news for contouring – as much as we love this magical tool, “all natural” is a defining slogan for make-up styles and beauty industry this year. Your bright and healthy blush should look like you’ve just come back home from a nice frosty walk in a snowy park. Little hint: doing that is actually the best way to find out your best shade of blush and look surprisingly natural, getting the right makeup tone.



2. Fresh face
Healthy beautiful skin is probably one makeup trend that will never get out of style. Forget about those horrible fake tan products – throw them away as far as you possibly can and never come close to that place – instead find products that’ll make your skin clean, fresh and glowing. Using right primer like legendary Touche Eclat by YSL is the best way to achieve such effect.



3. Grey lips
Bad news for those, who enjoyed rocking 90’s all over with those dark brown lips.  We’ve had it with nostalgia, and now it’s time to move on. Sensational grey is the main color orientation for your lipstick in 2016. Although it’s the major hit, tones and shades may as well vary from metallic and light shimmer to translucent or ultra-matte.


4. Bright eyeliner
Whether it’s soft lavender or vital azure – 2016 is time to get the most out of your color palette. Have all the fun you want with intensity and contrast, but keep the “totally natural” rule in mind. Look up for fresh, bright shades that actually exist in nature (copper, ultraviolet, sea wave, spring grass) and don’t forget to match them with your very own tones. For example, if you have green eyes – go for variations of violet and purple, if they’re brown – neon blue and light green would look gorgeous on you.



5. Metallic
Silver eyeshadows, golden eyeliners and bronze nail polish – ignoring products with metallic effect may actually be considered as crime this year. Feel free to get creative with lines or cover your whole eyelid with twinkling liquid shadows – there’ll never be a better time for it.