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Top 5 celebrities, who abandoned fashion at Golden Globes 2016

January 13, 2016

1. Heidi Klum, who was always known for acing most red carpets with her flawless looks, is probably under the influence of somebody, who fights against fashion. Either that or she’s just spreading awareness for her bird charity project, because some critics did mention that her grey Marchesa gown looked like it was made out of a gigantic...pigeon. Now that’s one feathery problem.


2. Seems like it’s never enough for Eva Longoria. Stunning bride-to-be had every chance to become one of the best dressed, if she could only make up her mind on those prints and accessories. Looks like she couldn’t choose between three separate gowns, so mixing those in the most bizarre and tasteless way sounded just about right. Massive flower print, pretzel-shaped belt and, to finish up a “harmonious” look – weird shimmery bow neckline – hey, is it a Hollywood actress wrapped in your fancy tablecloth?


3. 78-year-old Jane Fonda looks phenomenally for her age, but that massive, triple-tiered ruffle definitely distracted from an otherwise-gorgeous appearance. Looks like the huge collar was inspired by Queen Elizabeth or somebody equally royal from the 18th century. And we are not the only ones, who feel so – Yves Saint Lauren masterpiece encouraged variety of comedic comparisons throughout the social media including a French custard dessert, a Pierrot clown and even whipped cream.


 4. It’s not her outstanding fashion sense or extraordinary style Melissa McCarthy got famous for. And that’s not what we primerily look for in her hilarious movies. Although she improved a lot during the last couple of years and even designed her own clothing line (including this dress), Melissa still somewhat struggles with silhouettes. Not only that shiny metalic fabric looked like a raincoat, but it also totally swallowed her up, not being streamlined enough. LA did experience some rain earlier that day and it just felt like Mrs. McCarthy didn’t get enough time to change.


5. Regina King’s gold, sequined Krikor Jabotian gown with an addition of white cape totally brigns up superhero vibe to the red carpet. The whole look turned out to be one big distraction with the outrageous design and hidious decor. Perhaps we could save Regina from absolute failure by simply throwing away the cape. Actually, no, I highly doubt it would ever work out. The sequins are so bright they may literally cause migraines.