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5 habits that distinguish it-girl from glam queen

July 12, 2016

1. You are completely okay with the fact that somebody might not like you.  It doesn’t make you furious, sad or depressed any more.  Nobody is perfect and all that hate just turns into motivation to move forward and reach your own stars. Just think about your favorite strong movie character and the trail their life would take if the sky would always be cloudless. Nobody would shoot that movie, nobody would rent that movie, nobody would call that character “strong”. In fact, if your style is criticized, you’ve got style.

2. You are following latest trends. You are open for experiments. The only rule you are staying conservative about is to never buy cloth that doesn’t look good on you. So what if it’s the hottest item, the most fashionable combination or the trendiest print , so what it would probably get you hundreds of likes on Instagram and as many looks from strangers. Those are going be “that would look so much better on me” likes and “there’s no way you are pulling this off” looks.  Best trend is the one that works for you.

3. You are not spending hours in front of mirror any more. And it’s not about paying less attention to the way you look – it’s about knowing yourself. The makeup that would makes your eyes pop and the skirt that would make your legs infinite.  You’re smart, you’re calm, you’re confident. (And even if you have tiny breakdowns here and there – hey, that’s what CheckonBuy stylists are for!)

4. You can’t stand those infantile hysterical gals, whose lips are filled with Botox and eyes are filled with tears permanently whining about the nightmare life is now. Your signature mantra is “Positive anything is better that negative nothing”. You’re a diamond dear. They can’t break you.

5. You’re not dreaming to win the “Miss Universe” pageant anymore, whatever it could mean. You are perfectly aware of the fact that even the most stunning supermodel can become old news if there’s nothing behind those looks. Nobody’s saying that you aren’t stunning. But beauty is not just about it. You’re valuing yourself for who you are and that price is much more significant than what a beauty pageant can offer.