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The evolution of swimsuits over the past 100 years

July 18, 2016

 At the very beginning of twentieth century
     swimsuits totally justified their names, remaining  something modern people wouldn’t only wear for a  walk, but even chose as a work outfit (photo #1).

 “Roaring twenties”
brought women not only the  overtones of freethinking and emancipation, but also  swimwear that would allow notably more exposure.  And we mean it, even two-piece! (Also anybody    hardly had courage to pull that off)

 1930’s weren’t exactly the decade of revolutionary  changes, if we are talking about swimsuits. Although  they too adopted an idea of showing more body and  kept evolving it. It was also when prints started to  own the game.

 Looks great, doesn’t it? The whole CheckonBuy   team bet that’s the model of swimsuit you either  already own or at least were considering buying at  some point over last two years. That’s right, high-  waisted forties are having a legendary comeback!  Good for us though, they look gorgeous on  everybody.

aren’t only about color in photos – swimwear   became much more vivid and bright as well. That’s     the decade bikini first showed up, although people     didn’t have a clue it would become so monumental     and turn into iconic item for everything that has to     do with beaches.

 It took ten years for bikini to explode – the summers  of 1960’s were all about those little pieces of fabric.  Our world has been infected and it spread fast.

 There’s always something overwhelmingly weird or       revealing that helps us identify seventies right         away. Swim fashion isn’t an exception. Although let’s   be fair – knitted two-pieces are actually back as       well.

is when media got to a new level, thereafter   objectifying women did too. We’re not getting           into the feminist stuff, but that decade did gift us       with some stuff we would never be able to unsee.

 We all remember nineties, we all adore nineties, we   all crave nineties. And we also definitely remember     the beach look Pamela Anderson brought to us           during  those amazing years. Shh, I can almost hear   the  “Baywatch” theme.

(which, we know, are crazy to be more than   decade ago) are circulating beach vibes that are       even steamer that the previous ones. Another           signature style of those days – hot swimsuit that       Halle Berry’s character wore in such cult classic as     “Die another day”.

Hey, we’re back! You probably noticed that today’s swimwear is as diversified as it possibly could be. Modern fashionistas and beach addicts are writing stories of their perfect summers in lots of different styles from this list. That’s a great concept for fashion. And even a better one for life.