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Top craziest celebrity heels that would blow your mind

Lady Gaga

Let’s face it: The footwear she’s become famous for doesn’t exactly scream “comfort!”-  so most of us wouldn’t dream of wearing something like this  for a nice evening walk, romantic date or holiday shopping. . Now, when it comes to sporting some of these crazy stilettos, we definitely admire Gaga’s fearlessness, but there are no superpowers, which would force us to try those on! We’re glad Mama Monster is willing to risk falling for fashion —all we have left is to hope she knows how to avoid tricky paths.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Carrie Bradshaw claimed her “little” substance abuse problem was expensive footwear. Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker couldn’t help but inherit that sickness from her onscreen character.  For her movie premiere few years ago she showed up looking like a grown-up, uber-whimsical version of Little Red Riding Hood who’s been genetically fused with a fox!  SJP completed her look with extra-edgy Christian Louboutin Alex Paw Pumps, which feature fur detail and sequin claws. That’s certainly one way to work the animal print trend.

Sandra Bullock

We really doubt that Sandy looks anything like “banana”, but that doesn’t seem to stand in a way of adorable little creatures who definitely enjoy her company. She donned yellow, minion-inspired pumps from Rupert Sanderson that included the signature eyeballs of the beloved characters. Despite being 50, she seemed the only one who could actually pull off that fashion statement. Go big or go home!

Marion Cotillard

Somehow we’re automatically used to assume that whatever French women state as fashion is officially proclaimed one. But is it really always the case? And if part of the body under the heels are not cool, how about the whole body? This pair of weird shoes was in fact designed by John Galliano for Dior fashion house and worn by French Oscar- winning actress Marion Cotillard. Who wants to bend that low to contemplate two little naked statues?


Whether those skeleton stilettos by DSQUARED were a loud tribute to Halloween or just a hungover fashion choice – Ciara did her best to make that alien pair look like they belong on our planet. Unfortunately, that game wasn’t meant to be a triumph and even singer’s stunning looks couldn’t distract everybody from shockingly gazing at what was meant to be a revolution in footwear.