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Top inspiring models who changed the definition of beauty in fashion

Chantelle Brown-Young

Chantelle has an unusual look which has to do with a disease that’s not any more common. Vitiligo is a chronic condition characterized by portions of the skin losing their pigment. That process results into white spots emerging on Chantelle’s body in all forms and sizes. We can only imagine the hell future model had to go through during her school years, constantly being bullied by kids who called her “zebra” and “spotted cow” or were afraid to sit by Chantelle at all. Although vitiligo is a condition you can’t get infected with, cruel classmates gave her the hardest time surviving those years, which even led to fights during high school. Model recently admitted she actually had suicide thoughts at that period, but found strength to push through.

Chantelle looked at her life from a new perspective and decided: if you can’t change the situation, change the way you feel about it. She always dedicated a great part of her life to physique and was in amazing shape, so trying her luck as a model seemed like a right step, considering the fact it had always been her passion. Success didn’t come right away: the majority of fashion agencies and magazines didn’t want to hear about a girl who didn’t fit in the definition of beauty standards. But after dozens of denials, she actually got a chance to shoot for a short video that ended up t to be a turning point in her career. Chantelle was noticed by creators of “America’s Next Top Model” and Tyra Banks herself, so from that time on her life had never been the same. Now Brown- Young isn’t only a phenomenal model, but mainly an inspiration to never lose faith in yourself.

Denise Bidot 

Denise Bidot, 28-year old Puerto Rican is considered to be one of the most wanted models in the world. The secret of her fame is a curvy body that Denise is so proud of. Birdot is a plus-size model; she’s 5’8’’ tall and weighs 200 lbs., while looking exclusively sexy and comfortable.  Her contemporary career is photoshoots with the best photographers and runaways of the most expensive world designers. But that’s not the way it had always been. Denise spent more than five years constantly storming casting agencies, eager to become an actress or a model, but the only answer she would ever hear was: “Lose some weight first and then we will talk”. So broken Denise decided to become a make-up artist to stay in her dream world, at least indirectly. One day during work she met a photographer who offered Bidot to try herself as a model. At the time she didn’t know it was a beginning of something amazing.

Today she has an Instagram blog with hundreds of thousands followers, a part in reality show and recently got signed for a huge ad campaign. The swimsuit commercial said “Are you ready for this beach body?”, contradicting  inflicted standards of female beauty. Model even went further, collaborating with a famous photographer Victoria Janashvili and publishing a photobook called “Curves” that would encourage women to love their bodies. “There’s no wrong way to be a woman” is Bidot’s lifetime motto.

Alex Minsky

Last year Alex made it to the top most wanted male models. Grunge tattoos, beautiful face, gorgeous shape – we highly doubt you would ever imagine him as an alcoholic in a long-term depression. But that’s what his life actually looked like not that long ago. Alex simply didn’t have enough courage to push himself  though an awful catastrophe that happened  to him in 2009. During the Afghanistan war Minsky was serving in Marine Corps, one day he hit a mine and spent 47 days in comma. He had numerous burns, brain injury and his right leg amputated. It was a huge shock for Alex and took a lot of willpower to overcome protracted crisis. The only thing that seemed to help him was sport – he signed up for gym and started training hard, not allowing himself any excuses.

That’s where he was noticed by photographer Michael Stokes, who admired a combination of masculinity, beauty and extraordinary persistence Alex had. Photoshoot where Minsky appeared half naked exploded like a bomb and immediately brought fame to both a photographer and model.

Jillian Mercado

Jillian Mercado, 27-year old model from New-York has been suffering from muscle failure condition since early childhood and can only move in stroller. Yet Jillian turned out to be much stronger than anybody would expect, including her own parents. Instead of complaining about personal tragedy she promised herself to avoid tears and live a normal life, not letting anybody to consider her disabled, special or different. Funny, extraordinary, outgoing – Jillian was on great terms with all of her classmates and rocked every school party. Later Mercado went to college and, unlike her healthy fellows never relied on anybody, but herself.
Jillian was always into fashion – she designed creative looks and had her very own style, that some of her college friends even tried to copy.

Mercado also created a beauty blog to synchronize all the best ideas and inspiration. Beautiful, memorable, with unique facial features and deep look in her eyes – Jillian was impossible not to notice. And it happened. She started to get offers from different fashion houses and recently became  the brand ambassador for “Diesel”. Photographer didn’t try to hide a stroller, but wasn’t emphasizing it either, because the only requirement Mercado has a model is no pity and special treatment.