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5 fashion mistakes you should never do on a first date

June 28, 2016

1. Oversizing

One huge “wait, what?” in the history of worldwide trending. Don’t get us wrong, extra-large and oversized items absolutely have a right to live, yet, not when we are talking about the sanctity of first date. Not exactly the smartest idea to bury yourself into a huge bag of fabric in front of a person you’re trying to enchant, in a way. Everything is good in moderation. Keep this simple rule in mind another time your hand autocratically will reach after an oversized shirt and grab a pair of skinny jeans as well. 

2. Weird couture outfit

A lot of guys pick nice affordable places as a first date location to save their potential girlfriends from confusion. Yet, obviously, there is absolutely no way you’re not showing off your exquisite fashion sense right away. In all it’s possible glory. Now imagine yourself in that pretentious “origami” outfit designed by independent Japanese geniuses in a cozy brunch place with soft chairs and fuzzy carpets. Plain ridiculous, right? If you don’t want that word to define your whole date and possible relationship – avoid eccentric designers’ decisions or at least save them for second date.

3. Look that’s too revealing

Another extreme point. Well, if you decided to go all in beforehand and define the future of this relationship exclusively as “non-binding”, it’s your choice and you don’t need any advices on how revealing your cleavage should be. But if see this as a beginning of an amazing adventure and you don’t want to become an open book or create a wrong impression – try to keep it all exciting and mysterious. Just show off your shoulders or small part of a leg and trust CheckonBuy experts – the effect would be just as thrilling.

4. Too much emphasis on sport

You’re right, particular items that were originally created for sport are now among hottest trends for casual outfits. But unless your date location is that gym around the corner and your love interest is a buff fitness trainer – cut it out on sport clothes. You can still wear favorite sneakers, only with breezy feminine dress and your comfy sweatshirt will look just great complementing a pair of elegant heels. Contrast game on point.

5. Heels too high

No, that article you read last year didn’t lie – men really love heels and the way they’re perfecting our looks. But, again, if we are talking about elegant shoes or heeled sandals you’re feeling really comfortable in. (Or at least it looks like you are:) There’s pretty much nothing worse than a pair of gigantic heels that turn a romantic sunset walk into hell. Slowly and painfully. They’re simply not worth it. Plus, never forget that some men feel very unconscious about their height, so better don’t mess with their self – esteem without a reason. Again, at least on a first date.​