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Sure you have nothing to wear? Top surprisingly random summer combinations that speak fashion

June 20, 2016

To work

Your essentials would be:
- white sneakers
- midi skirt (the crazier the better)
- classic  blazer
- plain top/shirt

If you had it with boring  insipid suits and your office dress code is democratic enough to become a field for some fashion experiments – this is your choice. Need more motivation to take a brave step? How about applying the rule of golden “C’s”: confident, comfortable and charming. That’s how ultimate self-defining sounds in this outfit. Tempted?

To first date

Search your wardrobe for:
- romantic top (open shoulders, flounce or frill would do)
- skinny jeans
- classy heels or sandals

Myth about wearing the best you own and putting out the best you have on the first date is probably the best you can do to scare off a poor guy.  Your look should talk breezy, cute and effortless, even if you spent estimated eight hours trying to figure it out. In this case combining simple jeans and flirty top will bring up that magic sparkle you’ll definitely notice in his eyes. Is that your new perfume or I smell love in the air?

To shopping

All you need is:
- frayed jeans
- bell sleeve top
- creative heeled sandals
- messenger bag

On one hand, you can’t go shopping in something that would confront your style preferences, no debates over that. On the other hand, you definitely can’t go shopping in something overly fancy that’s lacking the comfort you need. So this is again the time when it’s about balance. Perfect accents and the right vibe.  Your purchases have never been more fabulous. (CheckonBuy approved ;)

To party  

Your to-go kit would be:
- leather jacket
- feminine dress
- lace sandals

During  the afternoon she’s warm, elegant and harmonious in a long  graceful dress. But when daylight’s fading, she turns into a mesmerizing effusive miracle in love. And in leather jacket. Don’t be afraid to mix the inconsistent – that is how style comes into our world. Your soul and fashion sense know when they’re on to something.

To picnic

Make sure you have:
- denim overall
- romantic blouse with flounce or frill
- sneakers

If you decided to throw a great picnic and finally welcome that summer into your life – do it with a tad of self-irony. Who said outdoor food fests can’t be classy? Look for an answer in latest trends and you’ll know that a cute denim overall can create a fabulous duo with your elegant blouse. This way you’re not losing your natural goofiness, while remaining a true lady.