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Top eyeliner mistakes that are ruining your look

June 06, 2016

Gap between eyeliner and lash line
Unfortunately, every third woman is familiar with this problem.  Indeed, drawing a perfect line is especially complicated in that part of your eye. Here’s a handy lifehack from our makeup artist : use a thumb on your free hand to pull the top eyelid up. Then fill in your lash line from below. This method will deal with your trouble fast and painless.

Eyeliner exclusively on lower lid
Main mistake which optically makes your eyes much smaller.  To avoid that, make sure that you only fill in the external part of a lower lid.  Of course, this only works if you add liner on your top eyelid as well. The next step would be to close your eye and blend the pigment in external corner  - with this little trick your makeup looks more natural, yet your eyes really pop.

Liquid eyeliner on lower lid
Eyeliner sharp enough to kill is a possible outcome only if you’re using a liquid product. But don’t get carried away – keep it far from your lower lid to avoid something irreversible.  If you are planning to do it anyway-  get ready to hear embarrassing questions  concerning your possible night adventures.  There’s a much better decision – use a pencil to fill in the thin line between your lashes and lid.

Eyeliner or marker?
Circling your eyes with eyeliner makes them appear small and closed off. Plus you will definitely look tired and (prepare!) couple years older. If that’s still not enough argumentation-   it's also harsh for your face and is more likely to smudge everywhere.  “Nobody would do that” is probably what you’re thinking right now. But trust us : people do. And more often that you can imagine.  Some  women, usually girls, who are new to the whole concept of make-up feel like that trick (mistake, to be clear) would make their eyes look bigger. In fact, it’s doing the complete opposite. If you really want your eyes to pop,  wipe off that horrible fat line ,blend the one on your upper lid and put some tan eyeshadow on your lower lid instead. By the way, blending process goes to a completely new level if you’re using a brush.