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Top hottest prints that would rock your spring

March 07, 2016

Multicolored polka dot
2016 brought back the classic playful print, yet adding some style and elegance to its origins. Traditional black&white is no longer a fashion peak of our favorite polka dot. Bright colors in contrasting variations – that’s what the reincarnation of all-time hit looks now. But that is not the only transformation. Multiple dots became “thinner” and smaller, leaving the huge clumsy ones in past.
What to buy: You can start with creative top, which would be followed by intriguing cocktail dress – multipurpose style for any occasions.

Small floral print
Luckily, we haven’t got enough time to get rid of floral patterned items, before the hot print got back on track. Following the lead of polka dot, designers had second thoughts on massive flowers and chose tiny “frivolous” ones instead.
What to buy: What in the world looks more careless and free than pretty dresses, suits and skirts? Correct, nothing. So do not hold back that girly-girl in you.


Classic leopard
This print had probably made the most resonance in the fashion world throughout these years. Fake brands, awful combinations and failed style gurus managed to turn it into that ridiculous trend, which looks cheap and flashily. When in reality, original leopard can make you look incredibly elegant, adding style and luxury.
What to buy: spring coat, suede ankle boots and light scarf work best for this fashion predator.


Massive bright strips
This one is also not brand new, but, unlike the previous examples, designers decided to switch its outlook the other way around. We are quite familiar with the concept of small slim stripes all over the item. Well, right now it’s all about huge vivid ones.
What to buy: pants (especially culottes), dresses, delicate turtlenecks, tops – actually this print would work just great with 90% of your wardrobe.


Square deal
Roaring 90’s fashion brought back not only high wasted jeans and lingerie style, but also legendary grunge square. Everybody’s still obsessing over the Scottish stylization of square print, but the hottest trends show it in kind of “dingy”, stylish negligence and “retro-chic” way.
What to buy: We at CheckonBuy prefer creative thinking, that’s why our suggestion would be to step away from traditional square printed shirts and take a better look at interesting combined dresses.