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Top sure signs you’re making a wrong purchase

March 28, 2016

You can’t think of two individual looks with it

There’s a special express testing to decide whether this item will fit in your wardrobe – try to think of two unique outfits you’ll be able to create featuring that piece of clothing. If that takes too many efforts or time – be sure, there’ll be no use out of the purchase.

Poor quality
Trust our experience – even if defective item makes you forget about the awful fabric and ragged seams just because it highlights everything you could ever imagine, it will all come screaming back to you during the first laundry ride.

It makes you feel insecure
Sending collective disapproval to the concept of “I’ll buy this to wear when I’ll get skinnier”. You look great right here and right now and, most importantly, you owe yourself that comfort and beauty. That is definitely not the motivation you’re looking for.

You’ll have to alter it
Run from the store every time this thought even appears in your brain. First of all – additional money spent, which you could use to buy an item that actually fits. Second of all – stepping on real risk, because you never know how that “makeover” may come out.

You spent whole day shopping and just can’t leave without buying something
Okay, that’s a child in you talking. Or let’s face it – whining. It’s hard to make a right decision while you’re tired plus you’ll definitely regret the purchase if that is your only reasoning. Take a deep breath and be a grown-up.