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Top tricky hacks to refresh your wardrobe and be in style

March 13, 2016

Ignore black items for a week
Yes, it’s multipurpose and always adds on confidence, but right now our key word is “fresh”, even if drifts apart from “classy”. Hide everything black as far as you can and try to adjust to your life without it – that might sound quite risky, but it’ll definitely help to look at your cloths from a different, more colorful angle. Mix up some new looks, take pics of them and write down the items you still miss to make those perfect. Now take a deep breath and go shopping.


Mix your cloths in the craziest ways
Pick out the items you never even considered to put together and join them into the most unpredictable combinations. Following the latest trends, some of them may turn out really great and blow away your expectations. You never know what style bomb may be hiding in your wardrobe

Go through “fashion detox”
Choose one simple look, which would go both for weekdays and weekend. It shouldn’t be too complicated, neither should it include any accessories or extra details. This experiment is one of the toughest things you’d probably ever had to do, because it involves wearing the same outfit for a whole week. Yep, that’s what we said, horrifying. We realize it’s almost impossible to manage, considering that at some point most of us have a group of people, who see us every day and are definitely going to get some pretty disturbing idea out of your weird behavior. So just challenge yourself with maximum days you can handle it without some serious damage for life. The idea of a whole thing is to understand what things from your wardrobe you legitimately are going to miss and fill in your shopping wish according to real needs.

Get a personal stylist
Answering your upcoming questions – yes, it’s possible, professional and free.
Actually, no other words needed, this will talk for itself.

Pick one detail for a week
It’s a slightly upside-down version of a crazy advice we gave you just 2 paragraphs above. This one is about challenging yourself to wear one item of clothing (blouse, pants, skirt, top, anything) every day in different surprising combinations. Requires a lot of brainstorming, yes.  But the results would be priceless – that is the best way to feel your style and understand the needs. Plus, opportunity to get super creative!