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7 creative ways to wear a shirt this summer

1. Backwards
Don’t you just feel like your life is going completely backwards from how it’s supposed to? Well, in those cases you might as well match it with your shirt, to add at least some harmony to the whole situation. Famous fashionistas all over the world are simply in love with this style update. Important tip: don’t button your shirt all the way up (although we’re pretty sure it’s physically impossible anyway).

2. Tied
Good old and slightly sloppy way to emphasize your look. It always brings in casual relaxing vibes and a tad of something bohemian. Works best with high- wasted jeans, just as well as mostly anything from your wardrobe. (No pressure, but we really hope you own a pair of those. Really.).Great idea for romantic summer look would also be to combine to tie your shirt on top of some cute floral dress.

3. Casually tucked in
Stop constantly controlling the way your shirt sits and just let live its own life. Make half of it almost tucked in and leave another half down. By the way, this way isn’t simply about fashion, trends or just “those weird things people do to look different”. It’s genuinely practical. Wind creates an “air pillow” under your shirt that saves you from overwhelming summer heat.

4. Deflated collar
Another new born trend this season. If wearing a shirt backwards is still a little too much for you, this way is your perfect alternative choice. Looks just as spectacular, but definitely less revealing. The formula is really simple: put on a shirt, button it up, but not all the way, tuck the front part into your jeans (pants or skirt) and push the shirt back really hard, so that it will show off your gorgeous collarbones, but still leave a room for some mystery.

5. Loose in the back
Feel like some breezy relaxing vibe is exactly something missing from your summer outfit? The fastest and most effective lifehack here is to tuck out the back of your shirt all the way. That’s how a good half of CheckonBuy stylists is wearing their shirts now. Lazy beans.

6. Tucked out
Just accept this one for the same reason you will never get over your boyfriend jeans. Perfect for those free days when you don’t have any places to go, run or fly so you can spend your precious time just the way you want and where you want. But, traditionally, when the story sounds too ideal there definitely are some “buts” coming up. First of all, as much as you do love your boyfriend jeans, never combine them with a tucked out shirt, unless you know that your weight and height are something any model would kill for. Another thing – don’t get carried away with huge shirts – oversize also has a size.

7. As one of the layers
The idea that’s just “out there” for everybody, who feels style from it’s very core. When it’s a laundry day and you’re taking the absence of favorite sweaters and sweatshirts with all the fashion pride.