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Met Gala 2016: Worst dressed list

Katy Perry
Trying to create some questionable cosplays looked like ongoing theme among some celebrities. Katy Perry, for example, was definitely inspired by Elvira, the mistress of the dark and her defiant gothic vibes. We haven’t noticed anything technology – related, yet most of us had the biggest urge to find locks for those keys. And the other way around.

Kristen Stewart
Do you think her grandma noticed the lost? Jokes aside, this dress is everything you should be avoiding when choosing an outfit for a big night. The only thing that could possibly save this uncontrollable burst was the length and yet that turned out as a failure as well. Combined with the early 2000’s make-up tricks – Twilight star provided us with quite a fashion puzzle.

We could expect anything from 57-year old rebel, but this outfit didn’t exactly fit into our idea of  “everything”. Either Madonna and her team are just making fun of the ridiculous show business world  or her internal material girl  just doesn’t get old and can never get enough. Anyway, the goal is reached, this guipure nonsense is impossible to unsee or forget.

Solange Knowles
Okay, are we the only ones who wonder if Beyoncé knew about this? If she did, apparently even the Queen herself isn’t almighty. Right after the Gala was over, thousands of people all over the Internet couldn’t help but notice the incredible similarity between singer’s dress and ... well, wavy potato chips.
Now looking at it makes you hungry, right?

Rita Ora
Rita decided to come as a futuristic iron-bird, but even the relative theme matching didn’t save singer from worst dressed list. Fashion experts are obviously fed up by “naked dresses” and we are totally feeling them.