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Top celebrity fashion secrets you’ll be shocked to find out

Tom Cruise and heels
Despite the fact, that his dating history exclusively consists of women with model looks, actor himself loses all confidence when it comes to his height. Apparently, 5.5 ft isn’t exactly the perfect situation and while magically becoming taller is mission impossible even for Tom, enjoying advantages of a little heel is definitely something he finds useful.

Jessica Biel and paper towels
Dramatic red carpets and hundreds of flashing cameras can be really overwhelming. Under such circumstances you naturally start sweating and it’s completely normal, except ubiquitous paparazzi don’t think so. Our stylists at CheckonBuy are sure expensive gowns from famous designers aren’t exactly benefitting from that too. So, to avoid unpleasable surprise Jessica folds paper towels and puts them under her armpits. Actress throws them away that very minute she has to show up on a red carpet and, as she told in her interview, that method works for her perfectly.

Taylor Swift and the miracle of push-up
American sweetheart Taylor Swift is known for her Amazonian looks that hardly involve any curves. But even if you’re straight up a runaway model, you’re still a girl and sometimes some fashion experiments are unavoidable. Good to know that with right lingerie you have so many options.

Jennifer Garner and slimming underwear
Sure, 9 out of 10 celebrities are guilty of this, without dependent on their size. But Jennifer became one of few, who “got busted” during a social event. One clumsy move was enough for all the guests to notice her little secret and paparazzi to capture the embarrassment.

Nicole Richie and silicone bra
Silicone bra is a fashion must-have for anybody who is risky enough to wear strapless dresses, but isn’t provocative enough to let them fall down. But, apparently, there’s nothing we can completely rely on and treacherous dresses give away even inconspicuous silicone bras, which happened with Nicole Richie.