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Top fashion #musthaves for upcoming summer

1. Lingerie – inspired dresses
Yes, they come in all colors and forms. Yes, you can wear them for any purpose. And no, they are not all expensive. If after those answers you are still unsure about getting one – I’m afraid we ran out of justification speech topics.

2. Flounces and frills
The historically childlike detail has gotten a high-fashion makeover during the last couple of seasons, with top designers showing pieces with exaggerated ruffles, voluminous frills, and structured flounce. Build up your look around that ruffle and add some runaway drama. Let it become the signature style you’ve been always looking for.

3. Chokers
These narrow pieces of fabric are probably the world’s biggest obsession since the time Justin Bieber was 15 or Adele… well, maybe the second biggest obsession. Major celebrities and your college friends, famous fashionistas and that girl next door – everybody is addicted to wearing chokers for any occasion of any kind. And they do have a point. That thing manages to make any outfit look like you spent hours figuring it out. And you know you want it.

4. “Grandma’s shoes”
Global fashion is leaning towards the comfort side this season and as a proof, one of the oddest, yet hottest new trends – shoes that look like they would belong to your granny. Round toe and low square heel – not disgust, just love from second (maybe third) sight. These shoes would go with anything and, to cheer up the stylist inside of you, most of them are creatively decorated and reflect unusual color decisions.

5. Rigid mini bags
Smaller and fancier than huge bottomless bags and bigger than useless tiny clutches – this gorgeous thing is all you need to carry your essentials and look like a runaway model. Lots of love and appreciation to whoever was the trendsetter.