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Top fashion trends that we should leave in 2016 and move on

November 29, 2016

1. Sweatpants + heels

Okay, this one was always balancing on the edge. At some point it was probably the subject of your evil work discussions and even provoked some decent laughs. Yet, later on, during the moment of fundamental life reconsideration and feeling especially glam you totally tried it (and most likely rocked it) someplace else, where nobody knows you. Here we are. You killed it. Now that’s a dead trend not even Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid are capable to revive. An interesting experience to have in a lifetime, yet definitely not another fashion formula.

2.  “Naked dresses”

We get it, you’re sexy. In fact your sexuality is high to the extent when literally ugly pieces of teared fabric stuck to your skin still don’t diminish the hotness of your body. But hey, we don’t have to see it all. And by all I mean every little piece of it. And by see I mean behold it at once. Some flirtatious mystery would be really appreciated. Hopefully Santa will get all those letters from fashion designers and stop this madness in 2017.

3.  No underwear

Do I really have to comment this? It’s kind of like those guys skipped that crucially important period in their childhood when mom was teaching them how to put on clothes. And paying special attention to the fact that there are some steps you absolutely can’t ignore. This trick may have worked (we all know it did) with Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green during all ten seasons of “Friends” (man that was cold on that set), but unless there’s Ross who wants to on a break somewhere around you – please, just don’t. What would your mother say?

4. Side boob

Why is pretty much everything I am mentioning today has so much to do with practically being naked? There you have a rhetorical question you can use for an essay in English class.  But really, some celebrities are working so hard on making sure that their “talent” is being shown from all possible angles  and everybody can get a nice juicy shot of just how multifaceted they are . Anyways, another hit song or movie would give a better view. Trust entire Checkonbuy team.

5. Floral prints

A huge chunk of my identity never wants these precious fairy tale prints to go, but sometimes we have to fight with ourselves to develop a good taste. I have to be honest with you – we got as much of floral theme as we could, and possibly even more. It’s like your old portable player – no matter how many CD’s you had and how valuable for you they were – as smartphones kicked in, you just had to be on the crest of a wave. And floral prints just got beaten to the shore by that wave