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Chick or treat 2016: Top fabulous celebrity Halloween outfits we won’t forget for years

October 31, 2016

Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton

 As things around what was defined as “the most  crucial  election in history of the United Stated” are  definitely heating  up, some irony is a musthave.  Katy Perry reportedly spent    hours in the makeup  artist chair literally getting a new face  and, I bet  you agree, the outcome was breathtaking. On  Friday fabulous Katy and her just as fabulous  boyfriend  Orlando Bloom showed up at Kate Hudon's  annual  Halloween bash in LA dressed up as the  golden political couple themselves. For what it’s  worth, all polls aside, this  duo just won Halloween  2016.

Marc Jacobs as female bodybuilder

Gigantic bodysuit, spray tan, itty-bitty string bikini, Christian Louboutin heels and even press-on French manicured nails – whatever you might think, this is not a list of ridiculous items celebrities incorporated into their scandalous “spooky” outfits. We are talking about Marc Jacobs – permanent king of Halloween in all his shining glory. This year Marc and his boyfriend Char Defrancesco made a clear statement about the total level of humor ones perfect style can hold.

Alessandra Ambrosio as Jessica Rabbit

 Sometimes you just can’t resist a direct temptation  and come to your friend’s party as one of the sexiest characters ever existed. Not really? Never happened  to you either, huh? Well, supermodel Alessandra  Ambrosio, as you would expect, had no problems  pulling off an entire outfit and pretty much looked  like an actual Jessica who stepped out of TV. Flame  red wig, long purple gloves, red heels and a red  sequined gown with a gigantic slit up the thigh – not  provocative, “just drawn that way” :)

  Kourtney Kardashian as zombie bride

 Some things never change. Some fames never fade.  Some characters never get old. All abovementioned    statements are defying this scandalous Kardashian  sister and her costume choice. Zombie bride outfit is  such a traditional part of the overall Halloween image  stuck in our head, that we subconsciously already  love each and every piece of it. Heads up for  appreciating the classics (and thumbs up from entire  CheckonBuy team)

Nina Dobrev as Leonardo Dicaprio’s horse from “The Revenant”

Yes, you got the caption right. The star of “Vampire Diaries” considers Leo’s long-awaited legendary triumph as one of the main highlights of passing year (as clearly most of us do). “Horsing around this Halloween with my costar Leo. Pretty sure I got the short end of this stick, being a blanket is overrated” Nina described her hilarious post, capturing two giggling (maybe a tiny bit fangirling) young ladies, who are obviously having a time of their lives.