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Fashion evolution: Adele, from girl next door to diva

September 12, 2016


Young and extremely gifted, she already gave the world a glimpse of her talent at this point. Being relatively famous, Adele was getting her first experience of being stalked by paparazzi, who didn’t have any mercy for aspiring singer.  Yet, Delly didn’t seem to care that much anyway. She looked very confident wearing whatever seemed more comfortable for her at the moment – mostly preferring loose, oversized looks that unfortunately only visually emphasized singer’s heaviness.

These photos of 20-years old Adele wearing ridiculous red hat, weird cardigan and flats with thick black socks remind us nothing of an elegant queen we see on our screens today.


As her fame grows, so does Adele’s fashion perception. This was a year all her fans (and, probably, singer herself) first realized that Miss Adkins has the iconic “hourglass” body type and looks amazing in fitted dresses, which accentuate her narrow waist and delicate ankles, which CheckonBuy stylists define as main accents of female look.

From time to time singer still made occasional mistakes, choosing a wrong type of cleavage or unfortunate texture.


A year when “21” was released automatically became a year of worldwide recognition and turning point in Adele’s career. In a minute entire world went crazy about her talent, her voice and personality. “Someone like you” will forever remain a hymn for broken love that (we know) you’re still crying to. Another iconic thing that Adele launched that year was her gorgeous ‘60’s inspired hairstyles. Singer lost a really noticeable amount of weight, yet saved her feminine curves and brought back the classic Hollywood fashion, looking incredibly elegant in vintage-styled gowns, mostly favoring a black color.


When it seemed like Adele already got all the possible awards and recognitions for her genius music, singer proves everybody wrong by winning an Academy Award for “Skyfall”, the theme song of the twenty third James Bond movie. Around that time she dyed her hair blond and perfected the Hollywood Golden Era style, decisively becoming worldwide definition of feminine elegance and natural beauty.

She still preferred oversized items for her everyday life, only now they were well-combined and really spoke fashion.


After a long break Adele came back with a new album “25” that immediately became the most selling in the world and a renewed style that makes her look plain flawless. A wide range of deep colors, interesting combinations, boho experiments and signature elegance.

“You look like a movie, you sound like a song”, precious Adele Laurie Blue Adkins.