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Sorry, do I know you? Top worst fashion debuts of future beauty icons

September 26, 2016

Christina Aguilera

If Kesha’s career would exist in the 90’s that would probably be one of her to-go looks.  Leopard, platform, greased makeup and  more leopard – every item in particular and their overall eclectic combination makes a future pop queen look like a random party girl who mistakenly confused red carpet with another club. Luckily, Christina’s current gorgeous pin-up style resemblance practically nothing of that fearless outfit she was trying to rock twenty years ago, well, except for the flirty gleam in her eyes and a huge charisma.

Jennifer Aniston

Although Rachel Greene was our ultimate fashion icon starting from that legendary wet wedding dress and denim overalls in the very first episode of “Friends’, Jen herself didn’t put too much meaning in a word “trendy” during her early days. Aniston favored total black, looked extremely uncomfortable and shy in front of overwhelming paparazzi and, unlike Ms.Greene, never explained a turning point in her life as becoming a hat instead of a shoe. Today, except the fact that she most definitely found a recipe of eternal youth Jen also found her iconic elegant style that perfectly shows off the fashion sense of the most beautiful woman in the world (“People”, 2016)


When young, innocent Robyn was only starting her promising career she had that free teenage vibe and dressed according to her feelings – flowy dress, hoop earrings, minimum makeup and a cute smile. RiRi had absolutely no temptation to experiment, mix the unmixable and build herself a fame of worldwide trendsetter. Well, apparently Rihanna had to go through that “marshmallow” faze to realize who she really is and embrace each and every detail about her amazing personality through the mesmerizing fashion decisions she makes today.

Kim Kardashian

No, you’re not crazy if you can’t find any similarities between pictures of these two women – you’re either really young or ignoring the reality shows, which, to face the truth, isn’t really that bad at all. As some of you may remember (we at Checkonbuy are guessing really few of you) at the rise of her questionable reality fame Kim K used to be absolute and total BFF’s with Paris Hilton – they would attend parties together, give interviews together and, obviously, go shopping together. Kardashian’s style now remains one of the most controversial and arguable, but she does stay a huge pop-culture icon and I think we can all agree that getting over that glamourous shiny faze was one of the best decisions in Kim’s life.

Jennifer Lopez

Maxi dress? Curly hair? Excuse us, lady, do we know you? Although JLo was always into fashion and aced every single trend of crazy 90’s, this wasn’t yet the time of her signature look. “My own style influences have to do with where I grew up, in the Bronx, and I still like to wear bangles and big hoops!” she comments about her original fashion preferences. We love that tad of Jenny from the block in a gorgeous elegant woman that we see on our screens today. Keep the stardom glow, Jen!