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Top fashion habits no stylist would ever swear by

September 06, 2016

Not returning clothes that didn’t fit

Let’s start off with the most ridiculous habit we all have been guilty of at some point. And, truly, there’s nothing lamer. We probably should all just take a moment and think about the procedure and aim of shopping as it’s given. Somebody really smart invented a 14-day return policy for a reason. If you find out that the coat you just bought doesn’t go with your favorite bag or those awesome red heels actually hate your feet and want to see them die – send them back “home” as soon as possible!  Netflix can wait. Imagine how much pizza’s you can get delivered for that money.

Purchasing identical clothing items

“That’s just sooo fab!”,
“We are tots looking like Jenner sisters, no kidding”,
“Aww, twin high-five!”,
“We should do a photoshoot ASAP”
“Let’s also get matching boots!”

No. Just please no. It may look brilliant and adorable, considering your inside jokes, but hey, it’s not your third grade anymore and you are really not Olsen twins.

Wearing that same look again and again

Didn’t your mum teach you that cheating is bad? Yes, don’t give me that look. You spent some time to figure out a great outfit, good job. But now you’re spending the rest of your life using that one same card. Aren’t you worried it won’t be a winning one after a while? Let out your fantasy, mix the unmixable, change the rules – life is much more fun that way! For what it’s worth, we at CheckonBuy officially promise to help you out.

Spending too much money on cheap clothes

“If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly” – a really wise old saying that your grandma most definitely knows and probably even used concerning your shopping habits. You know how it starts, there’s always that secret temptation in the back of your mind: “Wow, I can buy three pairs of those shitty leggings for the price of these jeans”. Sure, go ahead. Just don’t forget to tell your friends you won’t be able to make that road trip next week – you will have to go shopping for jeans in your ripped leggings.

Ignoring accessories 

If I remember right Rihanna told you to shine bright like a diamond quite a while ago and you’re still ignoring her valuable advice. All you have to do is find your right accents. And by that we clearly don’t mean huge golden chains or pink feathers in hair. Start off with small shiny earrings and matching elegant necklace. Or, if you have inspiration to go all the way – extraordinary choker that makes a fashion statement louder than words.