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Top weirdest celebrity tattoos that will make you say “WTF”

September 19, 2016

Lena Dunham

We’ve all “known” controversial actress for years now, but she still manages to remain a closed book to most of us. For what it’s worth Lena definitely doesn’t seem to enjoy a closed back (sorry, I had to). That huge tattooed landscape is nothing else but a complete replica of Eloise’s house, the girl from Kay Thompson’s book, who lived in the "room on the tippy-top floor" with her pug dog Weenie. Pff, that was clear as a day from the very first look, right? Well, good thing she didn’t decide to make it a full-size replica. Just in case.

Penelope Cruz

How can three tiny numbers make a whole world go crazy about them? Apparently, it’s quite possible, if those numbers are tattooed on the ankle of one of the sexiest women alive. “883” – different sources immediately started to search for cabbalistic implication, persuade everybody that it’s all about horoscope signs, secret phone number or lucky car. Cruz herself didn’t give any clue about the origin of this mystical combination and swore to never ever in the world reveal the big secret. Maybe she’s a robot sent from another planet and that’s her serial code? I bet you would want to visit that planet.

Cara Delevingne

Well, this one is not holding any mystics or secrets. Everything is pretty damn clear. Classic Hollywood love story. Not a simple fling, like the ones described in Taylor Swift’s albums, but a serious meaningful relationship, like the one Taylor Swift wishes were described in her albums. “I think about it once every five seconds. I love its taste. I can eat it forever. Our love is mutual and eternal”. All we have left is a hope to experience the same exalted feeling at least once in our lifetime.

Chanel Iman

We're used to see people tattooing the names of their significant others (and not that used to watch them stay), pets, family members or even idols. But, apparently, there are people who consolidate all abovementioned in one person, being their very own selves. How else would you explain this model’s extreme urge to write both her first and last name on the back of her neck? Prudent self-identification in safety’s sake? A little note to herself if she gets really drunk? All this artificial reasoning still doesn’t explain the existence of a, well, hanger. What is a message, Chanel? Desperate for some help here.

Audrina Patridge

Another huge question with no logical answers, even for a whole team of CheckonBuy stylists who know everything about any single trend. Is that an apple to symbolize TV host’s love for cider? Or iphones? Is that a snake to portrait her love for, well, snakes? Or Bible? Is that an anatomical version of heart to show her respect for healthcare? Am I going crazy?